NHL 10 Improvements list

To be released September 15th 2009

I have now played the demo for NHL 10. While the demo is short, it still gives great insight to what to expect.
At the bottom of the article you can see a link to the interview with EA describing some of the better improvements.

Here are some important improvements I have seen through investigation (listed most important at top):

* You actually get drafted now, and you play in a combine environment until then!

* Goalies no longer stare at the puck when it is at their feet!!! They will bend down and
grab it, pass it, or kick it away. I cant tell you how many times I have been scored on this way

* the drag wrist shot goal that is basically a glitch no longer works

* the goalies will not let the puck hang on their backs anymore

* Skaters no longer magically fall when they touch the goalie

* If you are poke checked or tripped up with the puck you are able to shoot from your knee (remember
this doesn’t happen every time maybe 1/10)

* you can grab the puck out of the air, this helps when on the power play and the PK team tries to clear
with the long distance flip shot

* you can smack the puck away from the net (defender), or into it (forward)

* The goalies will make the attempt to use their stick to smack the puck out of the air in a Tim
Thomas sort of way

* the new board play engine will make things a little more interesting

* You can shove a puck possessing player into the boards, hold him, and your teammate will steal the

* most glitch goals don’t work anymore

* The fighting system is not so retarded anymore (more like FNr4)

* The deke system has improved a little with the leg-lift fake shot and different auto-deke animations.

* you can pass off the boards! On purpose!

* Checking the hell out of the opposing team will actually affect their mental well being!

* The NHL Draft sequence is more detailed and not such a joke anymore

* The Dynasty mode is more like Be-a-Pro GM style, you can upgrade your coaches, staff, facilities and all
kinds of stuff

* The AI will tell you now what specific positions you need to fill and what you should trade to get them

* The trade AI is not so incompetent anymore either

Let me know of anymore!!!


~ by theryno85 on August 7, 2009.

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