Why you should start jumping into SSD’s

Very few things in the computing world excite me anymore.

It’s just the typical things we have all seen thousands of times with a small twist.

A laptop that runs slightly cooler, a screen slightly brighter, a disc drive with more RPM…awesome, whoopdee-doo.

Well a lot of people have heard of Solid-State Drives. Many of you went “Oh cool, that is a good idea” then saw the price tag and went “Oh shit! I can buy ten 500GB HDD’s for the same price as a 16GB SSD!”

Ok, so a year ago when I was looking at SSD’s that’s exactly what I said. They were ridiculous. No point in shelling out nearly $800 for a novelty.

Now the market has changed, a 64GB SSD can run anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on your SATA/PATA/Mini SATA or whatever needs. 2.5″ or 1.8″ it makes not much difference anymore.

Windows Vista Currently takes up about 15GB full installed. A 64GB SSD will hold Vista plus any core programs and a few smaller games with no problem. After that, it’s all external HDD’s baby.

Keep your OS on something rated to last 2,000,000 hours. Keep all of your porn and games on something a little cheaper and more convenient to swap out.

Let crashes be a thing of the past.

Currently $165.00 on Newegg.com

Currently $165.00 on Newegg.com


~ by theryno85 on July 27, 2009.

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